Change! Is! Here! Stats Insider is free and you earned it

Change is as good as a holiday, and ain’t nobody going on a holiday 3 days out from AFL Round 1. Instead, we’re changing things up on Stats Insider. We’ve been busy here taking down our paywalls and making everything on the site completely free. 

Yessir, I said free. 

There is a severe shortage of data-driven sports content in Australia and we feel that by hiding our model outputs behind a subscription paywall, we have only contributed to the problem. Making Stats Insider free is a conscious effort to make advanced analytics and predictive data more publicly available to Australian sports fans, punters and everyone else. 

Naturally, this will mean a shift in our business model from subscription to advertising, and also opens up the possibility of working with SME and enterprise business to take the predictions to the wider public. If you have used our predictions in the past, enjoyed some content we’ve produced or just liked what we’re going for, please share the site with your friends and communities.

And speaking of communities, we invite you to participate in discussion with like-minded-sports-and-data-nerds on our articles, and eventually on the match pages themselves, with our new commenting functionality.

I should also mention that while some things are changing, others are not. We are extremely proud of the progress and strength of our wagering intelligence offering, and will continue to deliver predictions and value assessments for each game, along with a new racing product that is quite cool indeed. 

We are driven every day by the need for intelligent sports coverage and bloody good data across the sporting codes we love in this country and hope that your experience with Stats Insider exceeds expectations. If there is something we could be doing to improve your experience, please comment or reach out to us with your ideas.

The next few weeks will see exciting new features and content launch across the site and I can promise you we aren’t going on holidays anytime soon. Happy AFL season, happy NRL season, and just wishing you happy everything because Stats Insider is free!

- KP 

Katie Prowd

Co-Founder and CEO of Stats Insider, and once dubbed "the coolest person ever", Katie writes from the heart on matters of sport, business and life.

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