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Damien Souness

Damien Souness is a renowned sports expert in Australia, boasting over 15 years of industry experience. Currently serving as the Chief Innovation Officer at Cipher Sports Technology Group, Damien has held key roles at prestigious organisations such as the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix,, and the Melbourne Victory Football Club. Widely respected for his unwavering commitment and extensive knowledge, he has emerged as a highly regarded authority in the sports industry.

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Alex Catalano

Alex is a sports writer from Melbourne with a passion for all Australian sports. While Aussie rules is his number one, he also closely follows basketball, soccer, netball and more. 

Alex also works in social media for NBL and has a keen interest in all things Australian sport.

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Kye Ferreira

Kye is a passionate and dedicated writer who loves all things sport.

You can chat to Kye about just about anything when it comes to NRL, BBL and Soccer.

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Jasper Chellappah

Jasper is a highly regarded, multi-talented sports journalist with publishing credits across Triple M and various online portals.

Specialising in AFL, tennis and American sports, Jasper has built a reputation off the back of studious analysis, attention to detail and factual reporting.

You can follow Jasper on Twitter @Jasperc53

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Todd Davey

Todd Davey is a seasoned journalist and passionate sports fan with a strong interest in the AFL, NBA, and NRL. He has amassed valuable experience through his roles at The Canberra Times, Buddybet,, and With a commitment to delivering trustworthy and current information, Todd is a highly regarded source in Australia for engaging sports content and insightful analysis.

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Ryan Leaver

Ryan Leaver is a respected journalist and lifelong sports fan who is widely regarded as one of Australia's most trusted sources for accurate and up-to-date information across various sports. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (Sport) from La Trobe University, which strengthens his credibility in the field. Ryan, who previously worked at Triple M, where he provided comprehensive coverage of the AFL and cricket, is renowned for his extensive knowledge and ability to deliver the latest insights.

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Lorenzo Edward

Lorenzo writes for Stats Insider. He lives on the NSW South Coast.

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James Rhys

James is an experienced multi-sports journalist and editor based in the UK. 

During his career he has covered everything from rugby league to Major League Baseball, with work featured on major outlets including the BBC and Sky Sports.

He currently focuses predominantly on covering football in Australia from an international perspective. 

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Yara El-Shaboury

Yara El-Shaboury is a freelance sports writer who has done work in written, digital, and broadcast journalism. Her main interest is football, and she is particularly keen on telling untold sports stories from across the globe. Find her on Twitter @yaraelshab 

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Nikhil Kalro

With an interest in strategy and mathematics, applying that to sports writing was the natural progression. A writer at night and the founder of a gaming company, Nikhil’s previous experience includes working with ESPN for five years. His specialization includes cricket, soccer, tennis and esports betting.

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Pete Roberts

Pete has spent 20 years as an AFL analyst, managing the unique environment of the coaches box on game day. He is now a freelance sports tech professional and publishes weekly match reviews and previews on Behind The Footy

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Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah is an academic researcher and a passionate sports fan who loves looking at the numbers underneath the game. His PhD deals with the measurement and analysis of complex concepts, and he brings that same analytic approach to how he thinks about sports. He is a long-suffering Blues and Chicago Bulls fan, and a cricket tragic, trying to understand why his teams never seem to win. You can find him on Twitter @jeremiahtbrown 

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Nick D'Urbano

Nick D'Urbano is a freelance sports writer. Throughout Nick's career, he's worked for numerous multimedia companies in print, radio and TV. Currently, Nick covers the A-League, W-League, AFL and AFLW for News Corp Australia's Newswire along with co-hosting Twilight Football on FNR Football Nation Radio. Nick won the Antenna Award for the 2019 Youth Personality of the Year for his work on Channel 31's AFL talk show 'The Rushed Behind.

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Dem Panopoulos

Dem is a lover of sport with a keen eye for analytics. A passion for statistics that defies logic given his MyCricket numbers, you can see and hear him share his thoughts and views on Twitter @dempanopoulos

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Rohan Connolly

Rohan Connolly, managing director of the footyology media brand, is one of Australia's most experienced and respected sports journalists. With a 38-year track record of observing a range of sports, primarily AFL football, at close quarters in print, online, and on radio and TV. A multi-AFL Media Association award-winner known for his passion, knowledge and love of the game, he's renowned for his hard but fair approach to football analysis, informed by facts not hyperbole.  

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David Nguyen

David is a statistics and philosophy student at Monash University. This means to say that he spends a little too much trying to make sense of random letters and numbers.

Outside his studies, he actively consumes E-Sports content, frequently walking the fine line between ‘healthy hobby’ and ‘problematic addiction’. You'll often find him shouting at his laptop when an E-Sport tournament season draws close.

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Aidan Cellini

Aidan‘s favourite time of the year is Winter, with the AFL kicking into gear throughout the cold months and where he’s able to rug up, chuck a scarf on and go along to the footy. Aside from this, the NBA is nearing its conclusion, with Wimbledon just around the corner. Aidan is entering his final year at Monash University, majoring in Journalism and Accounting as a double degree.

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Ari Stamatakos

Ari Stamatakos is a first year Media and Communications student and is majoring in Sports Media and Media Industries. He's an aspiring writer and content producer. Ari's a passionate Carlton, Melbourne Victory and Chelsea Fan. He currently writes for the Carlton fan page and is the founder and host of the 'Two Footed Podcast".
He tweets at @Ari_Y_Stama.

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Mitchell Turner

Sports are an all-year-round affair for Mitch as his basketball coaching takes up a weekly slot on a Saturday. Yet it's the Australian summer which most floats his boat, what with the tip-off to the NBA, test cricket and NFL playoffs all taking centre stage.

In between watching sports, Mitch is about to commence his 3rd year Bachelor of Arts at Monash University (majoring in Journalism and International Relations) and is currently undertaking an internship at Stats Insider.

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Ben Somerford

Ben Somerford is the former WACA/Perth Scorchers media manager who spent years travelling around with the side in the BBL. He’s currently a freelance journalist, with stories regularly featured on Cricket 365. He’s written for global publications including AAP, Sunday Times, FourFourTwo and many more. He’s the founder of popular cricket Fantasy website Honeyball BBL. Follow him on Twitter 


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Dane Heverin

Dane is a freelance journalist and specialises in sports writing. He particularly loves cricket, AFL, tennis and golf. He's currently completing a Masters of Journalism at University of Melbourne and works in digital marketing.

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Bradley McLeod

Bradley McLeod is a current Master of Data Science student at JCU. He's also a senior mathematics teacher and a lover of all things sports, stats and sports-stats. He's an obsessive Hawthorn fan and became so as they won the premiership the year he was born.

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Marc McGowan

Marc is an experienced sports journalist in print and online media, specialising in AFL and tennis coverage. He's never found a statistic he couldn't turn into an article or speak about.

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Paige Cardona

Paige Cardona is a widely-acclaimed sportswriter who has formerly held journalism and content roles with Fox Sports Australia, Fox Footy, and Racing Victoria. Paige specialises in AFL, Thoroughbred Racing, Football and American Sports and has established a large following from her character-driven, emotionally-engaging storytelling that captures a wide audience. You can follow her on twitter @paigecardona. 

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Ricky Mangidis

After spending several years working as part of North Melbourne’s media team with access to the inner workings of the coaching staff, Ricky has parlayed that knowledge into a deep understanding of current trends and game styles across the AFL, bringing a unique eye to the way today’s game is played.

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Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep is a freelance sports journalist and passionate sports enthusiast who loves watching tennis, cricket, and soccer. In his free time, he likes to binge-watch The Office on repeat and eat lots of food.

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Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is an RMIT Data Science student and rusted-on North Melbourne fan who believes that a well-jittered scatter plot is the height of humanity's artistic achievement. He does not enjoy pie charts or donut charts but he does enjoy eating pies and eating donuts. Follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29

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Jay Croucher

Based in Denver, Colorado, Jay splits time between worshiping Nikola Jokic and waking up at 3am to hazily watch AFL games. He has been writing about AFL, NBA and other US sports since 2014, and has suckered himself into thinking Port Adelaide was the real deal each year since.

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Ben Rogers

Peaked too early, six footy premierships with Red Hill then a trip to Europe and 15kg later, it was time to hang up the boots and watch the pros. LeBron is the GOAT, Essendon FC forever and wishing for a huge Andy Murray comeback story.

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Tim Kennedy

Form guide enthusiast. Co-host of "The And We're Racing Podcast." Never picked a bad horse, it's always the jockey's fault. A junior sporting star, still trying to live in the past.

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Dane Roy

Former ice-cream salesman turned college football player. Australian living the dream in the USA. When he's not punting footballs for the Cougars, you'll find him on the couch watching replays of the 2005 and 2012 grand finals. Go Swans!

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Matt Zemek

Matt has written professionally about US College Football since 2000, and has blogged about professional Tennis since 2014. He wants the Australian Open to play Thursday night Women's Semi-Finals, and Friday evening Men's Semi-Finals. Contribute to his Patreon for exclusive content here.

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Greg Butyn

Stats Insider data analyst. All-around nice guy. Lover of all dogs, including greyhounds and the Western Bulldogs. Usually can be found stalking the lobbies at Draftstars and Moneyball on any given day.

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Nikhil Deshpande

Started supporting Manchester United for Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Chose Collingwood FC because my hairdresser convinced me to. Spreading the word that Charlie Austin and Ben Simmons are GOATs. Got dealt a good hand with sense of humor but had to sacrifice all my Fantasy sports skills in return. Don't regret it at all. Well... maybe just a little.

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James Rosewarne

James is a writer. He likes fiction and music. He is a stingray attack survivor. He lives in Wollongong.

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Daniel Gardner

Dan’s claim to fame was once being mistaken for David Beckham while living in South Korea. The ex U/8 most improved football prodigy now spends his days solving the mysteries of Wallaby selections and debating the quota of WA players in the Australian cricket team.

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Nick Splitter

Never won a Premiership in junior sports, and, as a loyal fan of teams that are generally and historically rubbish - see 'St Kilda Football Club' and 'all Philadelphia sports' - now spends his time sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of the pub.

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Woot & Wye

When it comes to NFL commentary in Australia, look no further than Joshua Wootton & Joshua Wye. Their podcast, appropriately named after their surnames, has been the home for all things NFL in Australia for 5+ seasons. The Woot and Wye Show covers all aspects of the National Football League including Fantasy Football, DFS, Betting and the Draft. They bring you fresh and fun football analysis every single week. If they’re not talking NFL you’ll find them chowing down burritos at your nearest Guzman Y Gomez. You can talk football with them on Twitter by giving them a follow @wootandwye.

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Aaron Murphy

Armchair critic in all sports that don't involve tackle counts. Unashamedly biased towards Victorians. Stands up because he loves the darts. Wisden Almanacks are his idea of a good book. If he's not playing sport, watching sport, or talking sport, he's thinking about sport. Sport.

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Ritchie Tabor

After spending most of his life on some kind of footy field, golf course or cricket pitch, Ritchie has always had a passion for sport. A stats nerd who could recite the Australian cricket team before he could walk, Ritchie now combines that passion with looking into the numbers that make up a game.

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Darryl Woodford

In and around the betting industry since 2002, Darryl is co-founder of SI and FI, and is one of Australia's leading DFS players. Darryl builds most of the models seen on SI and FI, and writes about the technical side of our projections.

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Jason Oliver

As far as Jason is concerned, there is no better time of year than March through June. An overlap of the NBA and NRL seasons offer up daily opportunities to find an edge and fund the ever-increasing number of sports streaming services he subscribes to. If there's an underdog worth taking in either code, he'll be on it.

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Dan Fraser

Former ABC Journo and Champion Data stats nerd who loves his fantasy sport, punting, footy, cricket, golf - you get the point. More than prepared to take driver off the deck from 250 out (especially if it's for a beverage or two!) but will also happily take my medicine when the occasion calls for it. Pumped to be part of the Stats Insider team - if it's value and it's footy, I'm all over it in 2019 folks!

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Adam Joseph

Manchester United diehard, Oklahoma City Thunder tragic, New England Patriots fanboy and Carlton Blues sufferer. I like last minute goals, three pointers in transition, unlikely comebacks and underdog stories. Tweet way too much at @AdamJosephSport.

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Katie Prowd

Co-Founder and CEO of Stats Insider, and once dubbed "the coolest person ever", Katie writes from the heart on matters of sport, business and life.

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