Darryl Woodford

In and around the betting industry since 2002, Darryl is co-founder of SI and FI, and is one of Australia's leading DFS players. Darryl builds most of the models seen on SI and FI, and writes about the technical side of our projections.

Articles by Darryl Woodford
Futures, that one time Barcelona missed the top 4, and other weird sims
Each set of projections has thrown up a couple of value bets, but when you simulate a season thousands of times, sometimes it's the oddball results that stand out.
Darryl Woodford - 16 August 2018
EXCLUSIVE: (A) Winner of the World Cup Revealed
New to Stats Insider this week is our 2018 World Cup Simulator. As far as we know, it's the only place online you can simulate the entirety of the 2018 World Cup to your little heart's content.
Darryl Woodford - 30 May 2018
The Fallacy of Russia's World Cup Pricing
Russia are $1.30 to get out of the group stage, but $2.50 to reach the quarter finals. Those odds just don't make sense when you look at their draw, and their path to the Quarter Finals. Let's explore why, and how to properly value futures bets.
Darryl Woodford - 28 May 2018
Stats Busters: How Heavily Are Totals Impacted By The Current Margin?
Totals are designed to be 50-50 propositions, so for the bettor – even with a bit of value – they’re
Darryl Woodford - 12 April 2018
Stats Busters: Are Melbourne AFLW teams overrated?
The AFLW certainly isn't one of the biggest betting sports in Australia, but the attention to it
Darryl Woodford - 3 March 2018
Stats Busters: Are away goals as/more important than wins in two-legged ties?
One quirk of soccer, and particularly European soccer, is the two-legged ties that are used in cup
Darryl Woodford - 28 March 2018
How do our predictive models work?
Each of the Stats Insider models uses a fairly similar approach to simulating a sporting event. They
Darryl Woodford - 1 February 2018
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