What is this page?

This is the most important page on Stats Insider, the match page.

This page is automatically generated for every game, and summaries our 10,000 simulations of the outcome of each match. We use a Monte Carlo approach to simulate each match 10,000 times to understand the range of outcomes, and how likely each of them is. If a team wins 4000 of our simulations, we project them to be a 40% chance to win the upcoming match.

The simulations on this page are updated frequently throughout the week, and you can see from the progress bar which information is included. We show the market leading odds from bookmakers for comparison, as well as the investments which would result from comparing our projections to the bookmakers. These are not tips, and they may change significantly right up until game time.

Free users can view our projected score for the match, as well as the percentage chance of each team winning.

For premium users, you can see how our simulations apply to some of the key betting markets. Whether you’re considering a bet on the head-to-head, line, margin, or some of the player performance markets, you’ll find projections to help you with your betting decisions. We also have written previews for the matches, both from the results of our simulations and from an independent expert on each sport. To access our premium predictions, you can Go Premium, or purchase credits to view this information for one-off matches.

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