'No Risk-it, No Biscuit': Bruce Arians Has Scorched His Way to Super Bowl LV

Bruce Arians summed up his own coaching philosophy well when he said “no risk-it, no biscuit, you can’t live scared”.

Over the course of a 46-year coaching career across both college and pro football, Arians’ emphasis on 'letting it rip' has served him well. He won the 2009 Super Bowl as the offensive coordinator with the Steelers, working wonders with Ben Roethlisberger. Arians also helped launch the careers of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, while in Arizona, he was the one coach who was able to get the very best out of Carson Palmer.

Speaking of Arizona, it was with the Cardinals where Arians landed his first full-time head coaching gig, completely turning around the ailing franchise, taking them to three-straight playoffs in his first three seasons, including a trip to the 2016 NFC Championship. 

While his maverick, high-octane style of coaching hasn't always been everyone's cup of tea, he's been consistently adored by the quarterbacks and offensive minds he's worked with.

In Arians' first season in Tampa, there was much criticism of the fact Jamies Winston threw 30 interceptions, yet the Bucs also set a franchise-record for points (458) with Arians' aggression helping to sew the seeds for this year's Super Bowl run. RELATED: The Buccaneers Are Super Bowl-Bound Behind Tom Brady’s Magic Inevitability

Prior to this season, and despite winning multiple Associated Press NFL coach of the year awards, Arians had just the one career playoff win to his name, yet he's combination with Tom Brady in their first season together has been exceptional, with the Bucs steamrolling through the post-season.

Tampa have the third-most potent offence in the league, putting up a blistering 30.8 points per contest, to go along with a top 10-defence. Receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brownhave been prolific, with Evans posting career-highs for touchdowns (13) and reception-rate (64.2%). 

While the Bucs struggled somewhat early this season, posting a 7-5 record, they enter Super Bowl Sunday in overwhelmingly strong form winning their last seven contests, and scoring at least 30 in sixof those encounters. 

Arians and offensive co-ordinator Byron Leftwich have the Tampa offence absolutely humming, comprehensively answering any concerns pertaining to Tom Brady's fit within Tampa's pedal to the metal attack. 

In Brady's first season in Florida he completed 63 passes of at least 20 yards, which was a number bettered by only Deshaun Watson (69) and Patrick Mahomes (67). Meanwhile, Brady's 12completions of at least 40 yards was his best return since 2011, with the golden boy seemingly rejuvenated under Arians. 

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Over his almost-five decade career in the sport, Arians has done things his way, repeatedly laughing in the face of play-calling conservatism. The only question now is whether he can finish the job, win his first Super Bowl as head coach and cement his place in NFL history. 

It also might be his last chance. 

While Tom Brady is a machine, and may indeed be from another planet, at 43-years of age, he's surely on borrowed time. At 68, Bruce Arians is also at a relatively advanced age, and having already once stepped away from the game, who knows how many years he’s got left to deal with the grit and grind of an NFL season. 

Either way, Arians isn't the kind of guy to die wondering. 

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