AFL Eagles vs Dockers Draftstars DFS Preview and Projections for Round 6, 2024

Draftstars Australia's AFL Eagles vs Dockers Round 6 DFS contest kicks off at 8:10pm AEST on April 20, 2024, and Fantasy Insider has crunched the numbers for each player in the game to help you build winning line-ups.

A reliable Draftstars cheat sheet is crucial for AFL fantasy players. This DFS preview aims to help you in putting together your fantasy teams for Draftstars' AFL contests or enhancing your Supercoach team in Round 6.

Fantasy Insider, renowned for its world-class DFS tools and projections since 2015, uses the same machine learning models as Stats Insider to come up with some of the most accurate DFS projections available.

With the latest AFL fantasy insights and DFS strategies from Fantasy Insider, you're set to win in more AFL fantasy contests.


Cheat Sheet and Projections

We have reviewed players from each team in the West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle match-up to help you make the best selections on Saturday's slate.

Selection Player Salary Proj. Pts Pts/$1K
Stud Caleb Serong (FRE, MID) $17,420 105 6
Value Noah Long (WCE, FWD) $6,000 48.3 8
Fade Jordan Clark (FRE, DEF) $13,830 83.8 6.1
Cheapie Jaeger O'Meara (FRE, MID) $7,500 56.4 7.5

According to Fantasy Insider's DFS model, our "stud" is the highest projected scorer across the slate, while "value" picks offer the most "bang for your buck," meaning they're expected to perform well relative to their salary.

Conversely, a "fade" is a player considered to offer lower value for money, based on their expected score relative to their salary. For those needing to stay under the salary cap, "cheapie" options refer to the best value players at lower price points not already mentioned.

In fantasy sports, understanding value—assessing a player's potential output against their salary—is crucial, as players scoring high relative to their cost are key in crafting the optimal line-up.

The "Pts/$1K" metric shows the predicted points for every $1,000 of a player's salary. A higher number indicates better value, making it easier to spot players who could outperform their cost.

Positional Breakdown

DEF (Defender)

Selection Player Salary Proj. Pts Pts/$1K
Stud Luke Ryan (FRE) $15,120 97.1 6.4
Value Jayden Hunt (WCE) $9,640 71.8 7.5
Fade Jordan Clark (FRE) $13,830 83.8 6.1
Cheapie Ethan Hughes (FRE) $7,210 53.7 7.4

MID (Midfielder)

Selection Salary Salary Proj. Pts Pts/$1K
Stud Caleb Serong (FRE) $17,420 105 6
Value Jaeger O'Meara (FRE) $7,500 56.4 7.5
Fade Elliot Yeo (WCE) $14,520 88.7 6.1
Cheapie Jayden Hunt (WCE) $9,640 71.8 7.5

FWD (Forward)

Selection Player Salary Proj. Pts Pts/$1K
Stud Luke Jackson (FRE) $13,180 90.7 6.9
Value Noah Long (WCE) $6,000 48.3 8
Fade Nat Fyfe (FRE) $10,900 67.7 6.2
Cheapie Tyler Brockman (WCE) $6,000 44.4 7.4

RK (Ruckman)

Selection Player Salary Proj. Pts Pts/$1K
Stud Sean Darcy (FRE) $12,800 100.2 7.8
Value Sean Darcy (FRE) $12,800 100.2 7.8


In DFS, creating an optimal line-up requires understanding key concepts and metrics. When building your AFL Eagles vs Dockers Round 6 teams, consider starting with a value player like Noah Long. To secure one of the highest projected scorers, Caleb Serong is a strong option. If you're seeking budget-friendly choices to free up salary cap for more studs, check out our cheapie options, including Jaeger O'Meara.

On the other hand, according to our model, Jordan Clark is one of the worst value options in this game, suggesting you might want to limit exposure to him if putting together multiple line-ups.

Ready to go? Draftstars' AFL Eagles vs Dockers slate closes at 8:10pm AEST on Saturday. ENTER NOW!

As with all AFL DFS contests, whether you start with our studs or build around our value picks, leveraging Fantasy Insider's data-driven AFL fantasy news and strategies, combined with your own research, can enhance your chances of winning in the AFL Eagles vs Dockers Round 6 slate. The unique insights here can give you an edge when you make your AFL DFS line-ups.

For the latest projections and optimised AFL Eagles vs Dockers line-ups, check out the Fantasy Insider Cruncher on Draftstars! It's free to use when you're logged in.


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