Into sports? Hypometer Technologies is looking for an expert Commercial Partnerships lead who has an exceptionally strong vision for the future of sports fan engagement, knows their way around the sports, wagering and media industries, and is driven above all else to generate value for our partners through innovative product integrations. 

We are a young, progressive, company working with major players across the wagering, media and sports segments to deliver innovative sports analytics solutions. Internally,the company builds machine learning models for a growing list of 16+ sports plus horse racing, publishing predictions and stats across two industry-leading customer facing websites, Stats Insider and Fantasy Insider, as well as delivering high-quality sports-data products to business clients.

As someone with experience and diverse connections, you are excited to build upon the company‚Äôs commercial foundations while taking on the responsibility of generating new revenue streams and building the bridge between product and real life partnership opportunities. As someone with a creative mind, you will work closely with our founders and team to turn ideas into innovative product solutions that provide value to the client, end user, and Hypometer. 

There are two key commercial markets for Hypometer Technologies products - media sites looking to enhance their sports coverage, often with the goal of selling branding rights or advertising space to wagering companies, and the wagering companies themselves - whether looking to advertise to our audience of sports fans on Stats Insider, or integrate our data and in-game products into their ecosystems.

The ideal candidate will be well connected in both of these markets, and have existing networks both within Australia, and key international markets such as the United States, the UK and Europe, directing our existing sales representatives in those markets. They will be familiar with the revenue models, and revenue share propositions, that are common in the wagering industry, and have experience in seeing commercials through to completion, working with stakeholders to set timelines, agreeing key legal terms, and securing execution. You will interact with the client to ensure their concerns and feedback is given due prominence within the product division, and be accentuated to further sales opportunities to deliver deeper integrations. 


  • Hard-working, no bullshit, get it done attitude to everything you do. 

  • Solid track record in managing client relationships and creating opportunities alongside partners.

  • Strong understanding of the various commercial models and structures, and ability to think outside of the box to meet the requirements of all parties. 

  • Connections into the relevant sectors to establish relationships with quality organisations and brands. 

  • Experience in sales - advertising, marketing, media/broadcast or otherwise. 

  • Ability to manage the contractual process, dealing with all parties. 

  • Belief in the company, product and opportunities presented by technological advances in sports data.

  • Ready to learn about the technical ins and outs, limitations and possibilities of the Hypometer products. 

Bonus knowledge

  • Technical knowledge advantageous (e.g. basic steps of a data pipeline).

  • General awareness of sports modelling and/or machine learning/AI.

The Best Part

  • Love coming to work every day with a relaxed, hard-working team. 

  • Have the ability to make a difference to the future of a growing company, the fans, and the industry at large.

  • Gain new knowledge and connections in the sports, investment, media and wagering spaces in Australia, the UK and the US. 

  • Incentives and benefits available to the right candidate. 

  • Potential for future advancement into executive leadership or otherwise.  

  • Agile workflow with new product advancements and initiatives every day. 

  • Central funky office location in Collingwood, Melbourne, plus flexible working arrangements available. Currently working from home during covid with a view of going back to the office ~Nov.   

Salary is commensurate with experience. Please send your CV, a covering letter, and any supporting materials to This role can be offered on a full-time basis or as flexible work.

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