Rohan Connolly

Rohan Connolly, managing director of the footyology media brand, is one of Australia's most experienced and respected sports journalists. With a 38-year track record of observing a range of sports, primarily AFL football, at close quarters in print, online, and on radio and TV. A multi-AFL Media Association award-winner known for his passion, knowledge and love of the game, he's renowned for his hard but fair approach to football analysis, informed by facts not hyperbole.  

Articles by Rohan Connolly
Maybe The AFL Was Right About Their Equalisation Policies After All?
Saturday’s grand final, aside from throwing up one of the more romantic pairing of teams we’ve seen, also was a big tick for some other initiatives played out on the field.
Rohan Connolly - 27 September
Why Do Midfielders Have A Monopoly On The Brownlow Medal?
You can almost stake your life that whoever wins the Brownlow medal, the description alongside their name will read “midfielder”. How did we arrive here?
Rohan Connolly - 13 September
Why Has The AFL's TV Product Turned Into A Jockfest?
There’s one bugbear which continues to rankle with an increasing amount of football supporters, and it’s not to do with any team, player, coach, or even how the game looks. It’s about how it’s all being presented to us as television viewers.
Rohan Connolly - 30 August
All AFL premierships are equal. But are some more equal than others?
This year’s eventual premiership team may well not be bursting at the seams with the same cavalcade of household names as those great sides of yore. Whoever ends up with the cup, it will be a victory which stands the test on its own merits.
Rohan Connolly - 16 August
Can Hawthorn Re-Emerge As A Force Under Sam Mitchell?
People at clubs, no matter how important, come and go. It’s the club which remains. And in this case, perhaps Hawthorn under Sam Mitchell can re-emerge as a force quicker than some seem to think?
Rohan Connolly - 2 August
The Sopranos, AFL Draws And The Art Of Ambiguity
Life in AFL football, nor in the mob, just isn’t always that simple.
Rohan Connolly - 19 July
Analysing The Effect Of The 2021 AFL Rule Changes
So to what extent have the much-publicised slew of AFL rule changes for the 2021 season made a difference?
Rohan Connolly - 5 July
What Makes Geelong So Damn Good At Kardinia Park?
We talk about fortresses when strong teams seem even more invincible on their home grounds, but surely football has never known as pronounced a home ground advantage as the Cats have enjoyed at Kardinia Park?
Rohan Connolly - 21 June
AFL Umpiring Has A Serious 'Holding The Ball' Problem
For most of this season, it seems, it’s been getting harder and harder for players to win a free for holding the ball, and that's becoming a massive problem.
Rohan Connolly - 7 June
Is The AFL Premiership Race Still A Marathon And Not A Sprint?
The 2021 premiership will be won by a team that not only has fewer shockers than its rivals, but instead produces its very best at the time which matters most.
Rohan Connolly - 24 May
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