Ritchie Tabor

After spending most of his life on some kind of footy field, golf course or cricket pitch, Ritchie has always had a passion for sport. A stats nerd who could recite the Australian cricket team before he could walk, Ritchie now combines that passion with looking into the numbers that make up a game.

Articles by Ritchie Tabor
Just How Important Is A Top-2 Finish In The Big Bash League?
The BBL's new finals structure has provided the competition with a raft of interesting talking points, especially concerning what a top-2 position means where making a run at a championship is concerned.
Ritchie Tabor - 28 January
Explaining the Stats Insider NRL Player Ratings
Stats Insider’s NRL Player Ratings are an attempt to measure player performance in individual NRL matches.
Ritchie Tabor - 17 June 2020
Introducing True Kicker - A New Metric to Evaluate Goal Kickers in the NRL
True Kicker Ratings are a different way of ranking goal kickers in the NRL. Under the True Kicker Rating System, each attempt at goal is assigned a difficulty level based largely on where the kick is taken from on the field.
Ritchie Tabor - 29 April 2020
NextGen Big Bash coverage more than just a Live Score
If you open one of Stats Insider's Big Bash match pages during a live match you'll notice we've now added in-game probabilities and dynamic, advanced predictive analytics to our BBL offering.
Ritchie Tabor - 19 December 2019
Around the Grounds in the Big Bash League
Cricket season has arrived, and with it the annual road trip we get to take around Australia’s most iconic cricket venues. Soon the BBL will be back on our TV screens every night and summer will be in full swing.
Ritchie Tabor - 16 December 2019
Identifying the DNA of a BBL Innings
That "every ball counts in T20 cricket" is a statement often put forward by commentators, and, given the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the game, it's a sentiment that is difficult to argue against.
Ritchie Tabor - 17 December 2019
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