Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep is a freelance sports journalist and passionate sports enthusiast who loves watching tennis, cricket, and soccer. In his free time, he likes to binge-watch The Office on repeat and eat lots of food.

Articles by Rajdeep Singh
Which Version Of Nick Kyrgios Will Show Up At The Australian Open?
Which side of Nick Kyrgios will we be seeing at the Australian Open? Will he draw inspiration from his local fans and go on a deep run, or will yet another emotional breakdown get the better of his prestigious talent?
Rajdeep Singh - 8 February
BBL to World Cup: From Little Things Big Things Grow
With the Big Bash League well underway this season, many eyes are focused on the Australian locals as they attempt to push themselves into the picture, and perhaps earn themselves a ticket to the World T20 in India.
Rajdeep Singh - 4 January
Is It Possible To Survive EPL Relegation Without Deep Pockets?
Why is it so damn hard for newly-promoted teams to stay afloat in the Premier League? Does it all come down to money?
Rajdeep Singh - 3 December 2020
Should Manchester United Fans Be Excited About Their New Signings?
Are Manchester United' new signings going to have a positive impact on the club, or is it going to be a similar story of hard times for this once phenomenally successful outfit?
Rajdeep Singh - 12 October 2020
Why Is It So Ridiculously Hard To Win On Clay?
So what makes it so hard for players to win on the dirt of Roland Garros and on clay in general? Why is the surface so incredibly unforgiving and why does it continually bedevil even some of the very best talents in world tennis?
Rajdeep Singh - 5 October 2020
You Must Be At Least This Tall To Win Regularly On The ATP Tour
There were just five players above 6 feet in height between 1960 and 1980 to win Wimbledon. However, since 1980, there have been just five players below 6 feet who've won the title. Why are the big guys gobbling up all the silverware?
Rajdeep Singh - 24 September 2020
Can Marcelo Bielsa's Genius Inspire Leeds United Towards Europe?
Leeds United will continue to play sophisticated, cutting edge football, and, helped along by their spending, might be able to go beyond merely surviving relegation.
Rajdeep Singh - 17 September 2020
3 storylines for the 2020/21 La Liga Season
With the Champions League ending less than 20 days ago, fans will be treated to the return of one the world's premier competitions, with Spain's La Liga set to kick off this weekend.
Rajdeep Singh - 11 September 2020
3 Players Who Can Stop Serena Williams Winning Her 24th Grand Slam
While a number of top players like world #1 and #2 in Ash Barty and Simona Halep won't be taking part, the field remains jam packed with quality and depth. Let's take a look at who's best placed to win US Open should Williams not be at her best.
Rajdeep Singh - 27 August 2020
3 Players Who Can Stop Djokovic Winning His 18th Grand Slam
There are a few others who have a chance to make a mark in the absence of Federer & Nadal along with many of tennis' other big names. Let's check in on the 3 best chances should the brilliant Serb not be at his marauding best over the next fortnight
Rajdeep Singh - 26 August 2020
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