Mitchell Turner

Sports are an all-year-round affair for Mitch as his basketball coaching takes up a weekly slot on a Saturday. Yet it's the Australian summer which most floats his boat, what with the tip-off to the NBA, test cricket and NFL playoffs all taking centre stage.

In between watching sports, Mitch is about to commence his 3rd year Bachelor of Arts at Monash University (majoring in Journalism and International Relations) and is currently undertaking an internship at Stats Insider.

Articles by Mitchell Turner
The Sixers Have A Massive Ben Simmons Problem
A premature exit in the playoffs will ensure the Philadelphia 76ers have some very big decisions to make this off-season with Ben Simmons looming large.
Mitchell Turner - 22 June
Where Does Chris Paul Sit Within The Pantheon Of NBA Greatness?
While many have been reluctant to anoint Chris Paul as a true great owing to his lack of championship success, is his resume strong enough to elicit a re-evaluation of his greatness.
Mitchell Turner - 18 February
Zion Is Everything We Hoped For, So Why Aren't The Pelicans?
Zion Williamson is demonstrating he's capable of coping with the workload which is demanded of NBA superstars, using his sophomore season as another leap towards superstardom. Are the Pelicans doing enough to support him?
Mitchell Turner - 17 February
LeBron James Has Once Again Hijacked The MVP Discussion
There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and LeBron James being in the MVP race.
Mitchell Turner - 12 February
Process This: The Philadelphia 76ers Are A Legitimate Championship Threat
The vast changes in 76ers personnel have helped transform this team from fringe a conference threat, to legitimate title challenger? Can Philadelphia maintain the rage?
Mitchell Turner - 9 February
Should The Wizards Trade Bradley Beal? If So, Where?
While the cost of acquiring Bradley Beal's services in Denver would be exorbitant, it's the kind of move which could keep the Nuggets in the NBA championship window for years to come.
Mitchell Turner - 10 February
'No Risk-it, No Biscuit': Bruce Arians Has Scorched His Way to Super Bowl LV
Over his almost-five decade career in the sport, Arians has done things his way, repeatedly laughing in the face of play-calling conservatism. The only question now is whether he can finish the job and win his first ever Super Bowl.
Mitchell Turner - 3 February
The Brooklyn Nets Are All Sizzle And No Sausage
The Brooklyn Nets are fun, sexy and exciting, yet their defensive flaws have left a vulnerable team with questionable post-season prospects. Can the Nets be fixed and will it require yet another blockbuster trade?
Mitchell Turner - 1 February
Which QB Benefits The Most From Winning Super Bowl LV?
And so we're down to the NFL's final four: Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers will jump into the ring this weekend, all vying to be the last man standing at the end of a famous season. Who's got the most to gain?
Mitchell Turner - 21 January
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