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Matt has written professionally about US College Football since 2000, and has blogged about professional Tennis since 2014. He wants the Australian Open to play Thursday night Women's Semi-Finals, and Friday evening Men's Semi-Finals. Contribute to his Patreon for exclusive content here.

Articles by Matt Zemek
Madrid, Rome And More: Clay Season Storylines Before Roland Garros
Anticipation is mounting in the lead-up to Roland Garros, but let's first take stock of the clay season and check in on the various storylines.
Matt Zemek - 28 April
Let's Play Ball: Stats Insider's Season Projections for MLB 2021
Stats Insider’s Major League Baseball season projections are now live, which gives us the chance to sort through them and provide a roadmap as to what to expect from the 2021 season.
Matt Zemek - 1 April
2021 March Madness: Time For A New-Age Heavyweight To Rise
The theme for this year's tournament is clear: The best teams in college basketball aren’t Cinderella, and they aren’t blue bloods either. This is about new-age heavyweights, waiting to make their mark on the sport and win a transformative title.
Matt Zemek - 10 March
AO 2021: The Table Is Set For Daniil Medvedev
An incredible opportunity to win a maiden slam has presented itself to Daniil Medvedev. Will he be able to make the most of it?
Matt Zemek - 18 February
Serena Williams The Problem Solver: Improbably Underrated
Serena William's intensity and passion too often mask her problem-solving capacities, yet she continues to win matches (and tournaments) with her mind as much as her body.
Matt Zemek - 15 February
At The 2021 Australian Open, Everyone Is Waiting For The Next WTA Breakout
in this strange new world of pandemic tennis, we've seen players rise from comparative obscurity to make deep runs at majors. Will the Australian Open provide the next chapter of exhilarating mayhem?
Matt Zemek - 1 February
AO 2021: Can Dominic Thiem Win The Final Battle?
Dominic Thiem's quest to knock of the likes of Djokovic on the biggest stage is not only the biggest question ahead of the 2021 Australian Open; it’s the biggest question in men’s tennis for this entire year.
Matt Zemek - 29 January
If Nadal And Djokovic Play In Front Of No Fans, Will They Make A Sound?
If we do get Nadal-Djokovic final on Oct. 11 one can only wonder how a whole planet of tennis fans and analysts will process the scenario and its eventual outcome.
Matt Zemek - 26 September 2020
The Man Who Needs To Win The U.S. Open More Than Anyone Else
The title of this piece is provocative. Why? Because titles are designed to be provocative. However, if creating a provocative title for a column, a writer should make sure the actual column represents truth in advertising.
Matt Zemek - 7 September 2020
U.S. Open Men’s Tournament Is Significant For One Reason Above All Others
We can’t know what this 2020 U.S. Open men’s tournament will mean, but we can say that if a first-time major finalist is created, that one development would change the tennis landscape in a noticeable way.
Matt Zemek - 27 August 2020
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