Jay Croucher

Based in Denver, Colorado, Jay splits time between worshiping Nikola Jokic and waking up at 3am to hazily watch AFL games. He has been writing about AFL, NBA and other US sports since 2014, and has suckered himself into thinking Port Adelaide was the real deal each year since.

Articles by Jay Croucher
Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Are Sleepwalking Towards Mediocrity
After recent defeats to Man City, West Ham and now Arsenal, the Mourinho era seems to be slow-marching to an inevitable conclusion. Is their any chance for salvation?
Jay Croucher - 17 March
The Buccaneers Are Super Bowl-Bound Behind Tom Brady’s Magic Inevitability
The world has a habit of burning less when Tom Brady is throwing dimes down the sideline, with the legend propelling Tampa Bay to its first Super Bowl in 19 years, while he'll aim for his 7th ring.
Jay Croucher - 26 January
Manchester City Have Discovered Their Newest Version Of Total Dominance
Manchester City appears to have found its next iteration of EPL dominance, exchanging pure majesty for an impenetrable wall.
Jay Croucher - 8 January
The Imperfect Baltimore Ravens Are Still Alive And Running
Monday Night's cinema should ensure that Lamar Jackson gets back to the playoffs this year and has a chance to start correcting his post-season resume, blotted by two early catastrophes both plagued by turnovers and failures in key moments.
Jay Croucher - 17 December 2020
Can The Wounded Golden State Warriors Still Contend In The West?
With Steph Curry on the roster, and competence around him, there is the hope that this Warriors team can still be taken as far as his exceptional shot.
Jay Croucher - 26 November 2020
Did the Bucks Do Enough To Make Themselves Favourites In The East?
Milwaukee is still the favourite in the East, but they’re not nearly as ominous as they briefly looked like being last week, while their scenario remains the same: The Bucks will go as far as Giannis can take them.
Jay Croucher - 24 November 2020
Collingwood Football Club Total Landscaping
Collingwood's margin for error and depth will be tested even further owing to their player exodus. In fact, they're now flirting with a potential catastrophe.
Jay Croucher - 13 November 2020
Chicago’s Annual Quarterback Crisis Is Threatening To Derail Another Season
After years of derelict play at the QB position, it feels extremely correct that the Chicago Bears season is about to be defined by a deathly ping pong game between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles.
Jay Croucher - 29 October 2020
AFL GRAND FINAL FEATURE: Can Patrick Dangerfield End Richmond’s Reign Of Terror
There are no doubts around Dangerfield’s quality or where he stands in the game. Physically, he’s the most overwhelming midfielder of his era, a fearless, burrowing force. He's also a champion without an exclamation mark.
Jay Croucher - 21 October 2020
Is Drew Brees Holding New Orleans Back?
Drew Brees still looks like Drew Brees, though he's no longer good enough to carry the Saints by himself. Do New Orleans have enough in place around their legendary QB to still be a force?
Jay Croucher - 16 October 2020
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