James Rosewarne

James is a writer and Managing Editor at Stats Insider. He likes fiction and music. He is a stingray attack survivor. 

Email- james@thehypometer.com for story ideas or opportunities.

Articles by James Rosewarne
Josh Kelly And One Giant List Management Dilemma
It wasn’t that long ago that Josh Kelly held the AFL world in the palm of his hands, and while the circumstances aren’t exactly the same this time around, the future of this precociously talented footballer still fascinates.
James Rosewarne - 3 days ago
So Which Club Actually Has The AFL's Best Attack?
While defence remains intimately linked with premierships, it’s not as though the ability to score hasn’t. So let's delve a little deeper to assess which teams are best placed from an attacking perspective in 2021.
James Rosewarne - 4 days ago
Does It Really Matter If Port Adelaide Are A Flat-Track Bully?
Port Adelaide have developed something of a flat-track bully perception in recent times. Is the accusation true, and does it ultimately matter?
James Rosewarne - 5 days ago
From Worst to First: How the Lions Revolutionised Their Goal kicking
The Brisbane Lions have set fire to last season's horrible goal kicking and actually re-emerged as the AFL's most precise. How have they turned it all around, and what'll it mean for their 2021 prospects?
James Rosewarne - 29 April
Luke Beveridge Has Absolutely Nothing, And Absolutely Everything To Prove
No pressure, but Luke Beveridge has the fate of absolutely every Western Bulldogs fan in his hands.
James Rosewarne - 27 April
Glory And Fame: What To Make Of Essendon's Rebuild
These young Bombers are emerging, and doing so with hard-nosed edge, while their win/loss record and ladder position is only telling half the story.
James Rosewarne - 22 April
Richmond Is The AFL’s First Empire To Be Imagination Powered
The Tigers are the AFL’s indisputable great contemporary artist. They’re also its most confounding.
James Rosewarne - 20 April
Unmasking Melbourne’s Superhero Power
Is it a bird, is it plane? No, it’s Melbourne’s extreme durability which has electrified the club's best start to a season in 27 years.
James Rosewarne - 14 April
AFL Goalkicking Analysis: Early Season Stats And Trends
The Stats Insider Shot Charting tool has been shaking its tail feather through the first few weeks of season, plotting all that’s happening across the league, and helping AFL fans achieve an elevated understanding of the game.
James Rosewarne - 8 April
Three AFL Players Redefining Their Club's Expectations
While the 2021 season is still agonisingly young, these three players are making their clubs (and fans) think differently about their team’s trajectory both in 2021 and beyond.
James Rosewarne - 7 April
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