James Rosewarne

James is a writer and Managing Editor at Stats Insider. He likes fiction and music. He is a stingray attack survivor. He lives in Wollongong.

Email- james@thehypometer.com for story ideas or opportunities.

Articles by James Rosewarne
North Melbourne, Callum Coleman-Jones And The Audacity of Hope
A genuinely good team is beginning to emerge at Arden Street the likes of which Coleman-Jones can become a vital part of.
James Rosewarne - 6 days ago
May A Thousand Blossoms Bloom: Explaining The AFL's Premiership Diversity
Right now the AFL is currently the kind of nightclub where even the league’s most desperate and dateless can achieve at least one magical evening.
James Rosewarne - 4 October
The 2021 AFL Grand Final Is The Match-Up We Deserve
No one deserves the absolute wretchedness of the last couple of years, yet AFL fans absolutely deserve this grand final.
James Rosewarne - 21 September
What Each Of The Other 16 Clubs Can Learn From The 2021 Grand Finalists
As for every other club watching on, sucking their teeth as they endure the sight of either Max Gawn or Marcus Bontempelli lifting the premiership cup into the night sky of Perth, here’s one lesson the two grand finalists can impart to all 16 teams.
James Rosewarne - 20 September
Stats And Trends: Making Of A Brownlow Medal Winner
Let's take a look at some of the common themes that have defined Brownlow medalists in recent times, and which could possibly steer us towards identifying the 2021 winner.
James Rosewarne - 13 September
Carlton's Coaching Search And The Beauty Of The Blank Page
At the moment, Carlton's coaching search is the best blank page in sport and allows for our imaginations to run wild.
James Rosewarne - 8 September
Why Your Club Might Not Win The 2021 Premiership
Only the very best would be able to navigate yet another season of utter mayhem and distraction, though there are still plenty of potential banana skins before any team can contemplate a premiership.
James Rosewarne - 6 September
So, Who's Going To Win The 2021 Brownlow Medal?
This year we have an entirely different mood surrounding the Brownlow Medal with one of the most wide open fields in history to contemplate.
James Rosewarne - 1 September
Ross Lyon: Carlton's Inspired Next Step or Another Disaster?
In Ross Lyon, Carlton will now be trying on the AFL’s answer to Jose Mourinho, which for the Blues will either be an inspired, logical next step, or yet another spectacular disaster, the likes of which this club has become depressingly familiar with.
James Rosewarne - 24 August
Report Card: Grading All 18 AFL Club's Home And Away Seasons
Before each team either embarks on finals, or celebrates virtual Mad Monday, we thought we’d go ahead and grade all 18 team’s home and away seasons
James Rosewarne - 23 August
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