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Ben Somerford is the former WACA/Perth Scorchers media manager who spent years travelling around with the side in the BBL. He’s currently a freelance journalist, with stories regularly featured on Cricket 365. He’s written for global publications including AAP, Sunday Times, FourFourTwo and many more. He’s the founder of popular cricket Fantasy website Honeyball BBL. Follow him on Twitter 


Articles by Ben Somerford
Who Holds The Key For The Remaining BBL Finalists?
It’s business time in the BBL finals, with only three sides remaining in contention to win the title. That means it’s time for the key players to step up, but who are they exactly from each side?
Ben Somerford - 2 February
Are The Sydney Clubs Disadvantaged By Hosting BBL Finals In Canberra?
There’s a twist where this season's BBL Finals are concerned, with the two Sydney teams forced to play their 'home' matches in Canberra. What bearing will this have on crowning a champion? Luckily, we've crunched all the numbers for you.
Ben Somerford - 28 January
BBL|10: The Stats And Trends Behind The Power Surge
Of all the new rules in BBL|10, the Power Surge feels like the one which has made the strongest tactical impact upon the contest. In fact, teams that have nailed down their Power Surge strategy appear best placed for a deep run this season.
Ben Somerford - 15 January
BBL|10: Analysing The Effect Of The Competition's New Rules
Has the BBL's introduction of three new rules actually added anything to the competition beyond constant talking points. Today, we've crunched the numbers to try to make sense of the league's (somewhat) new landscape.
Ben Somerford - 13 January
BBL|10: What’s So Wrong With The Melbourne Renegades?
The Melbourne Renegades shocked everyone by winning BBL season 8, yet have since won just 4 of its subsequent 22 games. What's gone wrong, and just how can they salvage their seemingly doomed season?
Ben Somerford - 7 January
How Do The Sydney Sixers Keep On Keeping On?
Another year, and yet another BBL season where the Sydney Sixers are in the thick of championship contention. How, despite so many squad disruptions, do they maintain their top-tier status?
Ben Somerford - 25 December 2020
Melbourne Stars: The Secret To Their Consistent Success
We gravitate towards the Stars' big hitters when we think of their strength, but closer analysis reveals a focus on other areas which might actually be driving their championship charge.
Ben Somerford - 18 December 2020
Factors That Influence Success In The Big Bash League
A team on paper is one thing, yet there are trends across the nine seasons of the BBL which shed plenty of light on what goes into winning a BBL championship, and which might give us a clue as to who’s best positioned to take out season 10's crown.
Ben Somerford - 17 December 2020
Why 'Death Bowling' Is So Critical In T20 Cricket
Things can get a little crazy over the last few overs a T20 match, which is why the 'death' overs can ultimately prove the difference between winning and losing.
Ben Somerford - 14 December 2020
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