Ari Stamatakos

Ari Stamatakos is a high school student and aspiring writer who's passionate about the sports he loves. An Avid Carlton, Melbourne Victory and Chelsea Fan, he currently writes for Carlton fan page can check him out on twitter @Ari_Y_Stama

Articles by Ari Stamatakos
Sadpies: How Collingwood's Season Has Turned Into A Nightmare
It actually wasn’t all that long ago when the Pies were one of the league’s most fearsome outfits. Where's it all gone wrong, and can their season be salvaged?
Ari Stamatakos - 21 April
Thomas Tuchel Has Re-Wired Chelsea And Europe Is Trembling
Chelsea's rapid transformation under Thomas Tuchel has sent shockwaves across Europe, yet the question is, just how has the German done it?
Ari Stamatakos - 10 March
Is Barcelona's Over-reliance On Messi Killing them?
Until Barcelona can find avenues to goal outside of Lionel Messi, they run the risk of falling out of the hunt for yet another La Liga crown.
Ari Stamatakos - 24 February
From Bad To Worse: Can Melbourne Victory's Season Be Saved?
Just five games in to the new season and the alarm bells are blaring loudly where Melbourne Victory is concerned. Is their campaign doomed, or is there hope for redemption?
Ari Stamatakos - 9 February
How Atletico Madrid Conquered Spain
Atletico Madrid have completely flipped the script in Spain, while Diego Simeone's team are once again in the thick of Champions League calculations. Just what's behind their extraordinary start to the season?
Ari Stamatakos - 11 February
Who Is The English Premier League's Most Creative Player?
There are many factors to determine how 'creative' someone is, so let's examine an array of creatively-themed stats to determine who's currently the EPL's most creative player.
Ari Stamatakos - 4 February
Are Leicester City Ready To Shock The World Once Again?
Leicester have laughed in the face of external pessimism, once again thrusting themselves into the picture where an improbable EPL title-run is concerned. Just how do they keep doing it, and can their brilliant form continue?
Ari Stamatakos - 29 January
What’s Gone Wrong With Liverpool This Season?
Winless in their last 5 EPL fixtures and without a single goal in January, Liverpool is now 6 points adrift of Manchester United at the top of the table. What’s happened to this seemingly unstoppable force, and is there any hope for redemption?
Ari Stamatakos - 25 January
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