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Josh Elliott is an RMIT Data Science student and rusted-on North Melbourne fan who believes that a well-jittered scatter plot is the height of humanity's artistic achievement. He does not enjoy pie charts or donut charts but he does enjoy eating pies and eating donuts. Follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29

Articles by Josh Elliott
2021 AFL Lists: Experience, Coaches Votes And Three Finals Threats
We know enough about each club's lists for season 2021 to run the rule over how they're shaping up, as well as identifying which clubs might be ready to 'pop' next year.
Josh Elliott - 15 December 2020
The AFL Draft: How Afraid Should Clubs Be Of The 'Go-Home' Factor?
Is the AFL’s infamous “go-home” factor as significant as so many fear? Today, we’ll take a look at the numbers and try to get to the bottom of that question.
Josh Elliott - 7 December 2020
AFL Trade Period 2020: What The Numbers Say About Your Club’s Performance
The AFL’s 2020 trade period is over and while some might say that analysis of the trades already done is far too premature, is it really possible to resist doing so?
Josh Elliott - 16 November 2020
The Stats And Facts: Just How Unfair Is AFL Free Agency?
Every footy fan and their dog has an opinion on free agency – we all agree it’s not working but few if any agree on the best way to fix it. Let’s dive into the numbers and see if we can’t answer a few of the most common questions about free agency.
Josh Elliott - 9 November 2020
AFL Trade Period Primer: A List Analysis Of Every Club
The 2020 AFL season has come to an end, and now is the time of year where each of the AFL’s 18 clubs begins the process of re-shaping their playing lists for next year.
Josh Elliott - 2 November 2020
Stats And Trends: What Happens To Teams After Losing An AFL Grand Final?
Does a big Grand Final loss have a lingering effect on a club's fortunes? Should Geelong be worried about their devastating loss, or does historical data suggest they'll come back just as strong?
Josh Elliott - 28 October 2020
Shot Charting Trends: Richmond and Geelong's Goalkicking in 2020
Many elements will go into determining this Saturday's Grand Final, but one factor that's been important for more than a hundred years, and only grown more crucial, is the accuracy of shots on goal.
Josh Elliott - 21 October 2020
What Brownlow Votes Say About Your AFL Club’s Future
Does a relationship exits between Brownlow votes won by young players and future success? In today’s piece, let’s get excited about the future. We’re going to look at the history of young Brownlow vote-getters and investigate how that leads to future
Josh Elliott - 14 October 2020
Under Old Management: Why Ken Hinkley’s Port Adelaide Are Premiership Contenders
Ken Hinkley came into season 2020 as the AFL’s most under-pressure coach, and boldly stated that his expectations for the year were to play finals and contend for the premiership. They're now just one win away from a Grand Final.
Josh Elliott - 7 October 2020
AFL | Stats That Matter: How Footy Changes When Finals Start
The AFL finals differs from the regular season in more ways than simply the importance of the outcomes – there’s some key statistical trends that show how footy changes once the post-season arrives.
Josh Elliott - 23 September 2020
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