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Dem is a lover of sport with a keen eye for analytics. A passion for statistics that defies logic given his MyCricket numbers, you can see and hear him share his thoughts and views on Twitter @dempanopoulos

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Is Fremantle (Very Quietly) Building An AFL Powerhouse?
No Cerra, no worries. Despite losing a player who has the potential to be a top-10 player in the league, Fremantle won the trade period and should still be treated as a potential threat going forward.
Dem Panopoulos - 1 day ago
Dawson's Peak: How Adelaide Won The Trade Period
Some may indicate hyperbole is a factor here, but the Jordan Dawson is one of the league’s most underrated and versatile players.
Dem Panopoulos - 19 October
Delving Deep Into Luke Dunstan's Devilish Decision
Luke Dunstan, a fringe player at a bottom-10 club joining the reigning premiers when there was more guaranteed game-time elsewhere seems questionable on paper, however the allure of a successful environment is captivating.
Dem Panopoulos - 12 October
What Robbie Tarrant Means For Richmond's 2022 Flag Prospects
It appears as though the hierarchy at Richmond believe a fourth flag in six years is achievable and the probable addition of Robbie Tarrant makes that case even stronger.
Dem Panopoulos - 5 October
How The Bulldogs Can Mend A Broken Heart
A terrible Grand Final result tends to lead teams in one of two directions, but the Dog's stakeholders should hardly fear an Adelaide-style drop-off.
Dem Panopoulos - 28 September
Stats and Trends: What Makes A Norm Smith Medalist?
To be a Norm Smith Medalist is an honour that etches a player’s name into the brains of club supporters, as well as the history books. The question is, what makes one?
Dem Panopoulos - 21 September
So, What About The 2025 Brownlow Medal?
While we applaud the current crop of Brownlow aspirants, it's worth attempting to take a step of two into the future and examine some of the contenders in years to come.
Dem Panopoulos - 15 September
Who's The Wildcard? Each Preliminary Finalist’s X-Factor
With two of the season’s biggest games approaching us this weekend, we’ve decided to have a look at a single wildcard player for each club who might make the biggest difference.
Dem Panopoulos - 8 September
Have Port Adelaide Mastered AFL List Management?
Supporters are thrilled with the current output of the team, and rightfully so, but it's always felt as though 2018 was the big turning point for the club, setting the ball rolling as one of the better transactional teams in the AFL.
Dem Panopoulos - 31 August
Can Geelong Win The Premiership Without Tom Stewart?
Tom Stewart, for a variety of reasons, is the single most irreplaceable component of Geelong’s team. Can the Cats win the flag without him?
Dem Panopoulos - 24 August
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