Aidan Cellini

Aidan‘s favourite time of the year is Winter, with the AFL kicking into gear throughout the cold months and where he’s able to rug up, chuck a scarf on and go along to the footy. Aside from this, the NBA is nearing its conclusion, with Wimbledon just around the corner. Aidan is entering his final year at Monash University, majoring in Journalism and Accounting as a double degree.

Articles by Aidan Cellini
Making Sense of St Kilda's Season From Hell
St Kilda has been 2021's most disappointing story so far, slumping to 13th on the ladder off the back of breaking an 8-season finals drought. Where has it all gone so wrong?
Aidan Cellini - 23 June
Is St Kilda's Season Already On Life Support?
While the season is still young, for St Kilda, it may well already be on life support. What’s worked for the Saints, how has it all unravelled, and is there any hope for redemption?
Aidan Cellini - 7 April
What's Port Adelaide's Kryptonite?
Port Adelaide have run rampant across the first two rounds and once again assumed a position at the top of the ladder. Yet is something holding back the premiership aspirants?
Aidan Cellini - 31 March
Can Collingwood's Pivot To Youth Keep Them Relevant?
After a tumultuous off-season, the Pies have gone from having the league's oldest, to what's now the 7th youngest list in the league. What does this mean for the club's short and long term prospects?
Aidan Cellini - 19 March
Are The Gold Coast Suns On The Brink Of Something Special?
Have the last ten years been a complete waste, or is there some hope that the Suns are about to emerge as a legitimate league force?
Aidan Cellini - 17 March
Is Geelong Finally Ready To Topple The Tigers?
After a busy, soul-searching off-season, Geelong is ready to confront their demons and launch yet another premiership assault. But have they done enough to finally exorcise their Richmond demons?
Aidan Cellini - 9 March
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