The Punt Return Podcast: Conference Championships - Greatness Beckons

After an exhilarating Divisional Round, one in which all four games proved to be exceptional playoff football matchups, Nick, James and Josh are back as always with the Punt Return Podcast as they take a look at the upcoming Conference Championships.

Some talking points to chat about before getting into the two big matchups:

  • Kevin Stefanski joins the Browns

  • Larry Fitzgerald to return in 2020

  • Carolina's Luke Keuchly retires after 7 All-Pro nominations in eight seasons

  • LSU's Joey Burrow cements his #1 draft position and Joe Brady enters the NFL as OC in Carolina under new HC, Matt Rhule

  • Mike Vrabel: Has he gone under the knife in football's greatest conspiracy?

  • Why is everyone astonished at this Titans run?

  • The Seahawks deplorable coaching

  • The 'unbelievably stupid' narrative around Texan's play-calling?

2019 Podcast Best Bet Records:

Podcast Lock of the Week: 12-5-1 (66.6%)

Josh: 29-19-2 best bets (58.0%)

Nick: 30-20 best bets (60.0%)

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As always the the show ends with Best Bets, Long Shots, a quick look at the Stats Insider model's favourite plays for the week, and a reminder that you can now follow live scores and in-game probabilitiesas events happen on the field, right here at Stats Insider, absolutely free for every NFL game.

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Nick Splitter

Never won a Premiership in junior sports, and, as a loyal fan of teams that are generally and historically rubbish - see 'St Kilda Football Club' and 'all Philadelphia sports' - now spends his time sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of the pub.

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