The Punt Return: NFL Week 6 Preview

An apology to QB Josh Allen last week fell on deaf ears as the Buffalo Bills put up a stinker against the Tennessee Titans

NFL FUTURES: 2020 Super Bowl Probabilities

This week on the Punt Return Podcast:

  • The NFL's response to a COVID world;
  • Tom Brady's latest highlight;
  • The Bills struggling defense;
  • Could the New York Jets get any worse;  and...
  • Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the most complete team in NFL 2020?

And, as always, Josh Wye and Nick Splitter preview the entire Week 6 NFL schedule with picks, best bets, player props and long shots.

Listen via the audio player below or subscribe on your favourite podcast platform:


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Nick Splitter

Never won a Premiership in junior sports, and, as a loyal fan of teams that are generally and historically rubbish - see 'St Kilda Football Club' and 'all Philadelphia sports' - now spends his time sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of the pub.

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