No AFL, No Worries – Golf Bets and Good Times @ Club 20

With no AFL on tonight our Club 20 accountant was able to sit down in his favourite floaty ring and bring our season up to date. 

We also have some First Round Leader bets for tonight’s opening round (Best Ball) in Louisiana as well as a few plays for the Euro Starting this afternoon in the Canary Islands. 

But first, to the results.

Club 20 Results Update

We’ve had 128 bets since the start of March, this includes the each-ways though and counts the goal scorers we bet on as individual bets so don’t freak out at this big number as it really just represents betting about 35-40 golfers at the each-way (and FRL each-way) and 10 or so goal kickers / midfielders for multiple goals/disposals. 

With our standard stake being $5 that means our spend has been $640. Our winnings to date are $742.25 which puts us up $102.25 or 15.97% POT (profit on turnover)

We’re still sitting in the black, but betting Seung-Yul Noh at the Honda yet not betting him for First Round Leader as well continues to sting us big time as that would have been a huge triple figure hit and we’d be sitting at over 100% POT. 

Callum Hill bogeying the 18th in Kenya also remains a painful memory. 

AFL has been murdering us so far this season but looking back we have got pretty unlucky in spots where we could have had big days with one more touch or one more goal or an injury not occurring. 

So plenty of hard luck stories to be sure, but it is better to bitch and moan about rotten luck whilst in the black and not the red! 

PGA – Zurich Classic

With this being a teams event we are on our own stats wise as the SI Model gives these fluffy best-ball and foursome events a miss. 

I personally love this week because the formats are so different that sometimes markets struggle to set them, giving punters who watch plenty of golf a bit of an edge. 

The format for this weeks teams event is Thursday/Saturday Best Ball (play your own ball, best score of the two players counts only) Friday/Sunday Foursomes (alternative shot). 

If you are playing Showdowns on Draftkings this event, make sure you know what format it is that day – VERY important!

Path to Outright victory is to find two guys who can make plenty of birdies because their mistakes will be cushioned during best ball, but also guys who can compliment each other on the much harder foursomes days – anyone who has played foursomes before knows that it is a very nasty format where double bogey can come into play very quickly on any given hole. 

This course is not long but it is tricky, with a lot of water lurking. 

Our only bets will be FRL bets to start this event because the first round is Best Ball and I really want to look at the board after Round 1 that still has 36 holes of Foursomes left to play because I suspect there will be a lot of value there in the Outright market. 

So guys who can go low and get birdies in bunches for us to start this card.

Hovland / Ventura @ 34.00/8.50

Clark / Van Rooyen @ 51.00/12.75

Laird / Taylor @ 56.00 / 14.00

Lebioda / Burgood @ 101/25.25

I’ll include my Outright bets in Friday’s AFL yarn so keep an eye out – there will be plenty of low 60’s to open this event, but Friday and Sunday there will be plenty of 75’s and with a windy Saturday forecast, we should see plenty of major fluctuations on this leaderboard. Hoping teams like Homa/Gooch and Steele/Bradley fire a lackluster 67 tonight and are 6 or 7 off the pace.

European Tour – Gran Canaria Lopesan Open

Euro tour players get a week in the Canary Island this week for an event that has not been staged here since 2005 so there are no form lines to go off in terms of course form. 

What we do know is its coastal, there will be moderate winds throughout, it is a relatively short Par 70 but there are still 3 Par 5’s and 2-3 reachable Par 4’s potentially so scoring will be low and power/accuracy in the wind will be key. 

We’re going to take two from up top and a real roughie down the bottom, selected on a mix of coastal course form, recent form and that accuracy/power metric. 

Taking all three at the each-way in the outright market, as well as each-way in the First Round Leader market. 

Kurt Kityama @ 26.00/7.25,  FRL @ 41.00/10.25

Calum Hill @ 34.00/8.25,  FRL @ 46.00/11.25

Jonathan Caldwell @ 501.00/100.25,  FRL @ 201.00/50.25

Big ANZAC Weekend AFL yarn coming out Friday so watch out for that, if you like a bet on the footy this week make sure you jump onto our Club 20 twitter page and let us all in on the spot. 

Time to chill the beverages and clean the pool, have a great afternoon/evening and come on our bets!


Cruelly denied sporting glory due to recurring shin splint complaints and an aversion to warm-up laps, Hedge now spends his days golfing, fishing the leaves out of the Club 20 pools and identifying value plays in PGA, AFL, AFLW and T20. All you really need to know about him is he's more than comfortable taking 3I off the tee on a Par 5, and more than capable of pulling driver off the deck second shot.

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