Club 20 NRL Tipping Round 6: Not Too Late To Jump In On The Fun

In a Round 5 full of upsets, the Stats Insider NRL model managed a very solid 5/8 in the tipping and 2/4 on the betting front despite being robbed in the Rabbitohs game last Thursday.

That brings the season tally up to 31/40 (77.5%) in the Tipping and 9/12 (75%) on the betting front.

Picking winners in the NRL is difficult at the best of times but on ANZAC Weekend it can be especially tough to gauge the heightened motivations of players during this emotionally charged round.

Good thing for us here at Club 20, we don’t have to worry about all that rubbish, because we have the power of the Stats Insider model working for us, simulating each and every game 10,000 times. 

That’s how it flies, ice cold, no emotion! 

With five (5) green smileys on the board heading into Round 6, it is not too late to jump in on the fun and let the power of the data help your tipping/betting this season. 

Speaking of asking for help, it is my pleasure to introduce our very special guest this week, none other than the Chairman of the NRL Commission Peter V’landys who has brought with him not just his keen tipping insights, but some big announcements about all the special things that the NRL is getting this week.

Let’s rip in then, shall we? 

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DISCLAIMER: All bets/picks mentioned are accurate as of 7th April at 1:00pm. The model predictions are dynamic and will update up until the match.

Broncos v Panthers

V’Landys: This is going to be a Yuge game. So Yuge in fact that I’ve sent a request to the NSW and QLD Governments, applying for a 12 billion dollar grant to help make this game more Yuge. It’s down to us or the barrier reef, we’re pretty confident that Rugba League will be the winner here, but if I had to pick one specific team tonight it’d be Brisbane in an upset. 

SI Model: Panthers

Green Smiley Watch: The Stats Insider model has spied a 9% edge in the Totals market (overs 42.5) and a 7% edge in the Broncos holding that massive +27.5pt line.

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Knights v Sharks

V’Landys: Look I can’t stress this enough to the people of the hunter this week, if you see any Knights or Sharks players behind you at the checkout, or the petrol bowser, bottle shop, or night club bar, let them to the front of the line. They are more special-er than you regular folks and we need this beautiful game and it’s players to have special treatment during these tough times. Its for the people. Sharkies

SI Model: Knights

Green Smiley Watch: 

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Storm v Roosters

V’Landys: Great news for these two struggling clubs, I have applied for a federal grant to help upgrade the facilities at the Storm and Roosters, it’s a great initiative from the Federal Government putting out these funds to help the blind. Several players from both of these clubs get blind, frequently, so we naturally jumped at the chance to utilize funds to help get them through this period. I love an underdog so ill back the Roosters here.  

SI Model: Storm

Green Smiley Watch: The model has uncovered some value (7% edge) in this game, liking the Overs (39.5pts).

{# PRE-MATCH NRL_2021_06_MEL_SYD #}

Sea Eagles v Titans

V’Landys: Since the early part of the 17th century, the Titans and Sea Eagles have stood as pillars of their respective communities. This will be a fantastic clash between two clubs who only last week successfully applied to have their own private roads built so they can travel about their region without having to sit in traffic like the less special people who all rely on these demigods to get through their week. Titans too strong in a close one.  

SI Model: Titans

Green Smiley Watch: The model likes the Sea Eagles (again) to hold the +6.5pt line against the Titans with a big 9% edge.

{# PRE-MATCH NRL_2021_06_MAN_GLD #}

Rabbitohs v Tigers

V’Landys: No two clubs have done more to help elderly women across roads or help kids to learn to read good than these two upstanding community organisations. These clubs, indeed this game, is so integral to the functioning of peoples daily lives that this week I have applied to have all players knighted and given temporary membership into the Justice League. Go Tigers.

SI Model: Bunnies

Green Smiley Watch:

{# PRE-MATCH NRL_2021_06_SOU_WST #}

Raiders v Eels

V’Landys: This will be a completely Yuge clash not seen since Roman times. A fact we were able to use to our advantage to gain access to funds set aside for the Historical Society of Australia which can now be used to ensure there is enough sports drink and mirrors in the change rooms, down the race, on the try line etc etc. We know how special these players are, it is important that they be continually reminded how ridiculously good-looking, talented and well, better than us they are. Raiders.

SI Model: Raiders

Green Smiley Watch: The model likes the Overs again, spying a 7% edge at the Over 36.5pt mark in the Totals Market. 

{# PRE-MATCH NRL_2021_06_CAN_PAR #}

Dragons v Warriors

V’Landys: Fantastic news out of this game, we were able to gain special access to funds set aside for ANZAC widows to ensure that this game features as much corporate signage as possible on the actual field itself. An investment I’m sure everyone will find well worth it given the immense social impact that Rugba League has in the daily lives of the rest of the peons people. I’m going to back the Dragons here, I don’t know why, they just sound cool. 

SI Model: Dragons

Green Smiley Watch:

{# PRE-MATCH NRL_2021_06_SGI_WAR #}

Cowboys v Bulldogs

V’Landys: We’ve saved the best game until last. These two teams have been so poop that I was able to get special access to funds set aside for kids with learning disabilities and poor motor function. A yuge coup for the game and one I’m sure the community will only enjoy seeing us benefit from at the expense of those kids who, lets face it, unless they grow up to play Rugba League, won’t really amount to anything anyway. Bulldogs in a close fought 0-0 score.

SI Model: Cowboys

Green Smiley Watch:

{# PRE-MATCH NRL_2021_06_NQL_CBY #}

Thanks to Mr V’landys for your insights.

For those less inclined to listen to idiocy, be sure to make the Stats insider NRL Match Pages part of your pre-tipping and pre-punting routine.

The model runs every game 10,000 times and is constantly updating so don’t waste time listening to ‘experts’, harness the data and get amongst the amazing results so far this NRL season. 

Trust the data people and enjoy the footy!

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Cruelly denied sporting glory due to recurring shin splint complaints and an aversion to warm-up laps, Hedge now spends his days golfing, fishing the leaves out of the Club 20 pools and identifying value plays in PGA, AFL, AFLW and T20. All you really need to know about him is he's more than comfortable taking 3I off the tee on a Par 5, and more than capable of pulling driver off the deck second shot.

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