AFL shot accuracy explained

Stats Insider is proud to launch the newest tool in our free suite of analytical tools for AFL: Shot Charting.

Our unique Shot Charting explorer is the end-product of having watched each and every game since the start of the 2018 AFL season, and coded every shot on goal - both from general play and set-shot opportunities. The data is updated on a weekly basis (currently Wednesday's) with the shooting opportunities from the prior round.

The explorer provides analysis tools (initially data summaries, scatter plots and heat maps) to assess the accuracy of your favourite team or player from any given position and distance on the field. Furthermore you can filter the graphs into any time span (individual rounds, full season, finals only, etc) you desire, since the start of the 2018 season, allowing you to compare one team against another, one player against another, or indeed the same team / player over different periods of time.

Highlighted: Dom Sheed's 2018 AFL Grand Final Winner

We’ve also added an 'Expected Score' vs 'Actual Score' for each player. The expected score formula works by taking the league average accuracy from that position and shot type, and converting it into an expected score. 'Actual score' is the sum of the player's goals and behinds. Using this method, we get a better understanding of whether the player is below par, above, or simply average kicking for goal.

Another quick way to get a quick gauge of a players' kicking performance is to use the Overall Shot Accuracy ranking below the players' shot chart on the key stats dashboard. This is a broader ranking system, but can help to give you an idea of a particular players AFL accuracy standing. There is a minimum of 20 shots required across 2018-19 to make the list, and both shot types (general play and set-shots) are included.

This is Stats Insider's most recent contribution to the world of AFL analytics, following the redevelopment of our custom AFL Futures projections, providing fans with yet another opportunity to increase their footy IQ.

Go to Stats Insider's Shot Chart Explorer and check it out for yourself!

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