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Stats Insider has devised its own objective, data-driven AFL player ratings system to help footy fans understand who the best players in the competition are. The AFL player ratings system uses both short-term and long-term data to provide a dynamic rating system. At the completion of every game, Stats Insider collates votes, assesses performance and compares data to help evaluate AFL player rankings.
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How Stats Insider's AFL Player Ratings Work

Stats Insider's AFL player ratings are derived through a meticulous process that takes into account various factors and statistical metrics. Similar to our AFL predictions for every game, these ratings are not subjective opinions but are based on objective data and analysis. Multiple criteria are considered to ensure a fair and accurate representation of a player's performance. By canvassing AFL media votes, coaches' votes, and match reports, our models have a much stronger idea of players who played important roles in each individual game. However, these aren't the only inputs; we also use a custom, fantasy-like scoring system to split tiebreakers and sort the players who have received a mention elsewhere to accurately rank every player in the AFL.

Who Are Stats Insider's Top Rated Players in the AFL?

Throughout the 2023 AFL season, several players have stood out and demonstrated exceptional skills and consistency in their performances. The top-rated players not only excel in their individual roles but also significantly contribute to their team's success.

Every week our AFL player ratings are updated at the end of each round to make our rankings as accurate as possible. Check out Stats Insider's AFL player ratings to get an objective, data-driven representation of which players in the competition are ranked among the game's best.

We have recalibrated our player ratings to ensure there are no ties going forward, by using decimal points not displayed on site.

AFL Player Ratings FAQ

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