Ari Stamatakos

Ari Stamatakos is a high school student and aspiring writer who's passionate about the sports he loves. An Avid Carlton, Melbourne Victory and Chelsea Fan, he currently writes for Carlton fan page can check him out on twitter @Ari_Y_Stama

Articles by Ari Stamatakos
Why Mo Salah Is Now The Best Footballer In The World
After tearing the EPL to pieces over the first couple of months the world is legitimately asking whether Mo Salah is now the best footballer on the planet.
Ari Stamatakos - 18 October
Should We Be Worried About Leeds United?
Leeds have started the EPL season rather slowly winning just one of their first six games while conceding 14 goals. Is it time to hit the panic button?
Ari Stamatakos - 13 October
Magpie Millions: How Newcastle United Should Spend All That Money
Newcastle United now joins Manchester City and Chelsea as having some of the richest owners in world football. We've identified three players they should sign as soon as possible to aid their fight for survival this season.
Ari Stamatakos - 11 October
Are Brighton F.C The Real Deal?
Brighton are the Premier League's best kept secret and have shocked the league through the competition's first handful of games. Can Graham Potter's team keep this up for a full campaign?
Ari Stamatakos - 24 September
Can Luke Beveridge Become The Undisputed King Of The Western Suburbs?
On Saturday night Luke Beveridge has the chance to cement his name in the record books as the greatest figure in the Bulldogs’ 144-year history.
Ari Stamatakos - 22 September
Will This Be The First Of Many Sam Walsh Brownlow Medals?
Sam Walsh looks to feature prominently in future Brownlow discussions, with season 2021 perhaps the year he becomes the youngest winner in 17 years.
Ari Stamatakos - 16 September
Who's the Premier League's Best Right-Back?
A good to great right back can be the difference between your club struggling or being a legitimate threat. Let's check and see who's the EPL's very best.
Ari Stamatakos - 14 September
Is Mason Mount The Premier League’s Most Underrated Superstar?
Since taking over, Thomas Tuchel has been able to unleash so much of Mount’s enormous potential to the point it's now worth appreciating that this former Cobham youth system graduate might just be the EPL's most underrated superstar.
Ari Stamatakos - 7 September
Are We Sure Cristiano Ronaldo Improves Manchester United?
On the surface, Manchester United's Ronaldo heist would appear to lift them into another dimension. Yet dig a little deeper, and their problems not only remain, but might have just been amplified.
Ari Stamatakos - 29 August
The Adam Cerra Blues: Should Carlton Bite the Bullet?
There's no doubt Adam Cerra is an unbelievable player, however where Carlton is concerned, nuance and context ought to play a massive role in any move to capture his services.
Ari Stamatakos - 26 August
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