Geelong FC: Team of the Decade (2010-2019)

We recently launched both our Stats Insider AFL Player Ratings along with our new, weekly statistical series - “Stats That Matter”, and today, we’re introducing yet another content series, one in which will reveal the ‘Team of the Decade (2010-19)’ for each of the 18 AFL clubs.

These teams are created using the minimum games rule (50 games - except for GWS Giants and Gold Coast Suns) while relying on Stats Insider’s total and average game rating points to guide the process for team of the decade selection.

Given the complexity of AFL positions, our custom ratings were used as a guide by the Stats Insider staff who then worked together to mold it into a team that's fair and reasonable. The ratings and stats quoted are only based on the player’s output/performance while they were at that particular club.

Based on data over the last decade (2010-19), we’ve also ranked each team according to their win% and will reveal their respective ranks as per our average expected score Elo across the decade.

We're down to our final two in our 'Team of the Decade' countdown.

With nine finals appearances, finishing six times in the top-2 on the ladder, one minor premiership and winning the 2011 Premiership, the Geelong Football Club are ranked second on our list.

Elo Rank: 1st

Win% Rank: 2nd

Overall rank: 2nd


*Minimum 50 games played

Player Data

(Points Per
SI Peak
Peak DateSI Rank Points
Joel Selwood22528.597.9417506411.5
Patrick Dangerfield9445.198.7429374241
Mitch Duncan20312.483.6436942523.9
Tom Hawkins2131191.2436942340.2
Steve Johnson12318.993.2417632329.6
Harry Taylor2188.594.2413981859.9
Gary Ablett6727.197.8402861818.3
Corey Enright1571195.2426031722.2
Jimmy Bartel14811.395.5418321678.6
James Kelly12612.192.5417881519.5
Steven Motlop13510.482.2415171403.8
Paul Chapman7617.396.9403751314.5
Cameron Guthrie1616.275.8426091001.5
Mathew Stokes1186.975.341811809.4
Mark Blicavs1584.992.142503773.7
Tom Stewart6810.693.643714721.3
Sam Menegola659.974.543293644.5
Joel Corey778.383.740263636.3
James Podsiadly837.78141027635.1
Andrew Mackie1743.684.941832622.9
Allen Christensen658.584.941461555.7
Travis Varcoe825.174.340769418.7
Josh Caddy715.886.542511415.2
Daniel Menzel735.468.343211393.7
Tom Lonergan177266.341468354.3
Zach Tuohy665.388.542917348
Matthew Scarlett56583.440273278.7
Jordan Murdoch108259.443268219.6
Zac Smith504.170.843000203.5
Brandan Parfitt543.769.143721197.9
Rhys Stanley752.554.742861191
Lachie Henderson54377.742559161.3
Josh Hunt76261.241153149.2
George Horlin-Smith512.657.342120132.3
Jed Bews831.543.643233127.7
Taylor Hunt631.960.641391118.3
Jake Kolodjashnij931.256.643597109.4
David Wojcinski501.851.94076989.9

Next up, we will reveal the #1 ranked team of the last 10 seasons along with their 'Team of the Decade' side.

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